Interesting reversal



What if everything about whites and blacks in America were the other way round?

  • America is only 13% white. Whites were brought from Europe as slaves, later freed by President Tubman.
  • Presidents are nearly always black.
  • obama-jawastamp-350One Drop Rule: anyone lighter than a brown paper bag or with known white ancestors is “white”. So:
    • Barack Obama is the first white president.
    • Halle Berry is good-looking for a white girl.
    • Langston Hughes is a famous white writer of the Harlem Renaissance, along with Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    • Angela Davis is a famous white revolutionary.
  • beauty: Some white women bronze their skin, wear brown eye contacts.
    • hair: White women have dreadlocks, corn rows, put chemicals in their hair for an Afro, wear African wigs, etc. Many colour their hair black – bottled brunettes, many with yellow, brown or red roots. Black women touch their hair without asking.
    • Vogue: nearly…

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