Destructive Music

Interesting isn’t it?

Mad about La Music

At first the idea of ‘destructive music’ seemed foreign and unheard of to me. What is this unpleasant experience? Then after reading this Guardian article ( by Ben Beaumont-Thomas I realised we see it all the time.

That guitarist breaking his guitar violently or that violin being smashed to pieces. Destroying instruments in this way has been around for quite a while. The article describes Piano Activities, a 1962 piece by Fluxus artist Philip Corner which is performed in Peckham, London, UK as part of the London contemporary music festival. It features people taking a piano apart gradually but somewhat violently with hammers. It is almost painful to watch if you love classical music as much as I do.

Interestingly, Beaumont-Thomas also discusses how the idea of destructive music is wrong and purely for those who stand in a ‘position of luxury’ and can therefore afford to ruin…

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