I never like to go into a new year aiming to do business as usual. I think a New Year is a great opportunity to make some drastic and some less drastic changes in your life. Really, how you feel on 31st December compared to 1st Jan is no different but I think taking a moment to evaluate the past year can only do someone some good. Here are some of my life goals/new year’s resolutions for the coming year. I hope I succeed in some if not all of them. But if I take last year as an example, they are just a great insight into what matters most to me at the turn of a new year. 

  1. Learning to say NO – In 2016 I really want to gain the confidence to say No. Not in a stubborn way but even in simple things – no I do not like that dress, no this meal was not tasty, no I don’t agree. I feel like this will help me recognise, that hey my opinions do matter and that honesty is the policy.
  2. Read more – This goal was really inspired by Mark Zuckerberg and his year of Reading in 2015. When I was a kid I used to love reading soooo much. I used to read about 8 books at a go and I loved getting lost in a new story. As we get older for some reason books are seen as less essential and as a student I find myself only reading books related to my course. In 2016 I plan to use books, particularly self-help and fiction books to help me fuel the creative mind I know I have.
  3. Learn how to drive – I need to learn to drive! As a person who is not all that fussed about public transport, I haven’t really been too bothered but I think driving is so much more than that. You can escape and see so much more, faster and definitely more conveniently.
  4. Just do it – In 2015 I asked what if? way too much. I really want to be more impulse driven in 2016, not to do anything crazy but in day-to-day activities. Even shopping last year I was way too indecisive
  5. Complain less – I really want to work on complaining less in 2016. I think it is a bad habit I have… may be a London thing. But I really want to be more appreciative and just take a moment to think that other people would really want to be in the position I am in now but I am complaining about the negatives.
  6. Meditate – I know next to nothing about meditation and am aiming to learn something by the end of 2016.
  7. More deep offline conversations – I can count on my two hands how many deep meaningful conversations I had in 2015. That is sad. I really want to start making more of an effort to reach out to people I haven’t spoken to in a while and talk. Beyond a quick 2 second whatsapp message that starts , ‘hey, how are you?’.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!


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