Chill out!

I’m back and tonight I’m talking music.

Recently I feel like I have really grown to liking some of the old songs I used to listen to that may be thrown into the ‘Alternative’ music category and also opting for more chilled out music. Don’t ask me what this means I can’t really explain… maybe this links to my 2016 life goal to meditate/chill out more. And also the fact that listening to songs produced by DJ Mustard and Metro Boomin are not conducive to studying in the library.

Anyway here are some of my favourite songs I am listening to at the moment. Please check some of them out, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed  🙂

  1. Nao – Good Girl
  2. Sango – Me de Amor
  3. Mura Masa – Miss You
  4. Matoma – Running Out
  5. Mura Masa – Firefly (ft Nao)
  6. FKA Twigs – In time
  7. Fabulous – So into You (ft Tamia)
  8. Years & Years – King
  9. Metronomy – The Bay
  10. The Internet – Girl

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