The Student Perspective: Course Competition

This year I have decided to run a segment called The Student Perspective giving you the lowdown on key student issues. Hope you enjoy it.

I was in the library a few days ago and I could help but over hear a few things. One girl said to her friend ‘yh go home and don’t do any more work’ and then soon afternoon another student walked in, recognised her friend and then began to interrogate her on how long she had been there/what she had done etc. It is a well known fact that students love to party together but when it comes to work everyone loves to be super modest and say ‘oh nooo, I’ve barely started’ or ‘I haven’t even started the work’.

In some cases this may of course be true. But in others it may be far from the truth. Its seems at university we want to appear to be getting good grades with minimal effort. I wonder why this?

Ultimately, students have a dreadful habit of comparing how much work they have done to the next person. On the other hand this may not  necessarily be a bad thing. This course competition may be what is motivating people to push themselves, work harder (albeit more discreetly) and therefore achieve better grades. But for me, I think uni should be more of a collaborative experience where you work together and where more time on the subject is praised not vilified. Some of my best exam results are from when I spent the night before discussing topics with coursemates. Overall, I think it is important to try and dispel people who bring negative jealous energy and to stop comparing ourselves. We all work at different paces and learn in different ways so the sooner we realise this the better.


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