No more moo – Benefits of Giving up Dairy

Ok so I have to be honest and say that I didn’t want to give up dairy but my body made me.

Let me explain.

In the latter half of 2015, what appeared to be suddenly, I got loads of spots, gained weight and got really bad indigestion. It was horrible, confidence knocking and uncomfortable. I had to do a bit of experimenting cutting out different food groups to see where this intolerance/allergy was coming from. Once I cut out dairy, my problems literally shrunk by at least 60%. My skin cleared up within 2 weeks and I felt much less congested.

Prior to this I casted a blind eye to people who banged on about how dairy products or in particular cow’s milk wasn’t good for you.

I guess I just wanted to eat my cereal in peace!


 But since giving up dairy I have definitely been feeling much healthier. I may not be completely lactose-intolerant but for now I am definitely abstaining from dairy products. So far I have been dairy-free dor about 2 months. Here are some  substitutes I have made:

  1. Cow’s milk contains hormones, fats and sugar instead now I drink soy milk and I barely notice the difference and can still have a yummy bowl of cereal
  2. Dairy-free products – so many cool dairy free brands for chocolate and ice-cream


Overall, I hope you give being dairy-free a go. Say no to the moo! Has definitely helped me feel so much better so far and I’m sure it can do the same for you!

CONFESSION: I have to admit now and then I do have a cheeky bit of pizza because its just so good….


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