My Favourite Youtubers

Youtube > TV

If you are anything like me, then YouTube is just the best. It can inform, it can make you laugh and it can make you realise just how crazy people in the world are. Youtube is definitely a community and even though sometimes people can take it wayyy too seriously or start instigating hate, generally I think it such a good platform.* As a viewer of consumer of youtube videos, youtube is generally quite chilled for me. Relaxing even. No pressure for me to get likes on my videos or for companies to sponsor me. The most stressful aspect is  probably the autoplay feature which has many a time caught me in its’s vortex. I end up on completely random and sometimes amazing videos #mustkeepwatching. So you ask, what exactly do I use YouTube for?? Here is a sneak peak into my Youtube Life.


MUSIC – You will most likely catch me listening to Alt-J or The Internet. Both are amazing.

BEAUTY – Patricia Bright wins here. Lovely lady I have been watching for a while who does simple and nice looks and fashion too.

GOSSIP – The Real Daytime is just perfect for that quick 5-minute chat with the girls vibe. Such interesting topics discussed and such a variety of opinions. Plus they all dress amazinglyyy

VLOGS –  Carly Rowena is just bae when it comes to fitness. But her vlogs are even more amazing so down-to-earth and entertaining. Watch her and I promise you will be doing squats for fun..

What do YOU watch on YouTube?

*I swear I don’t even work for them…


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